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Thunderchild and Perfect Purple

Malus ‘Thunderchild’

The ‘Thunderchild’ has always been stunning- lighting up interest and drawing the eye wherever it grows. It’s the prefect compliment for nearly any yard or landscape project. The original Malus ‘Thunderchild’ deciduous crabapple tree flowers nearly all season and grows to 15-20′ or more. The one pictured above has been growing in our back yard for just about 40 years now.

Now, we have Malus “Perfect Purple.” It’s a newer flowering crab variety accepted as an improvement on the ‘Thunderchild’ crab. Like the original, it’s fast growing and maintains a round habit with a beautiful deep purple-bronze foliage all season and deep rose-red spring flowers yielding a persistent maroon fruit.

Unlike the original, the ‘Perfect Purple’ is considered to be more resistant to fireblight, scab & cedar-apple rust than the ‘Thunderchild.’ Perfect for our area and complimentary of nearly any surrounding.

Malus ‘Perfect Purple’

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