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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

Okay, so the holidays are over and you have a nice and crisp tree in your living room (hopefully you remembered a tree bag). Now what? You could cut the thing into a bunch of small pieces and stuff them in your garbage can. Okay, maybe not the best idea as I am sure it’s already full of wrapping paper, boxes and bottles of Champagne. You could haul it outside and light it up (no, not with lights). I’ve done this, it’s pretty cool and it burns hot and fast. Although neighbors might not like it, and if you are in Billings, the city also frowns upon such things. Perhaps the wisest and most noble thing to do would be to haul it out to ZooMontana. They gladly accept any live tree, just remember to take the removal bag off. Make especially sure to remove the lights and ornaments; your wife will be much happier to not have her antique ornaments shredded. Yes, that’s right, they shred the trees and use the grindings for their paths. The best part is they do not charge to drop them off at any of several collection locations.

So consider your options:

  1. Fill the trash can so you cannot take out anymore garbage and cause your home to smell.

  2. Start one heck of a fire and possibly go to jail.

  3. Make a quick trip to the zoo and live happily ever after. Your call!

Just a reminder that we do offer set up and removal of Christmas trees and no we don’t put them in a big pile and burn them- although…no, no, the Zoo needs them.

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