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Magical Plant Identifier Apps!

Or, even better, just email us a copy of the photo and we’ll respond with even more accuracy!

But if you still want to noodling around with apps because your’e techy, a few of us were sitting around the other day talking about plants (imagine that) and someone mentioned the use of an augmented reality app that when you point your camera at something and it either a) overlays information about that something b) offers up information about that something. Here’s what PlantID looks like after snapping a photo of daylilies:

Pretty cool huh? There’s one company on the Apple app store that makes a bunch of what seems like the same thing, but here are two that were recommended to us:

Garden Compass

We’ll let you try out both and see which you like better because they both do sort of the same thing but go about it differently. Happy snapping.

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