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Basics VII: Focalization

Series: Basics of Good Design

  1. Foundations I: Why Design Your Landscape?

  2. Foundations II: Pre-Design Work

  3. Basics I: Line

  4. Basics II: Shape & Form = Theme

  5. Basics III: Color

  6. Basics IV: Scale

  7. Basics V: Unity

  8. Basics VI: Balance

Alright, are you feeling unified and balanced? Great now it’s time to continue your Yoga and start to focus! Picture running water or a beautiful sculpture in a perfect setting, relax.

Focalization: A good design directs the viewer’s eye to a key feature via elements. Straight lines are stronger and draw attention quickly whereas curved lines are weaker and slowly engage the viewer (see blog part 1 – Line). A bench, fountain, sculpture, pool, firepit, unique plant or some other object can be a focal point. It is rewarding to people to have focal points as they create drama and a sense of fulfillment. A fun trick is to use shrubs or a curved path to lead someone to a focal point or a secret garden.

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Andrew J Marble

Landscape Design Artist

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