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A Cabin in the Woods

If you’re from here, you’ll totally understand Montanan’s love affairs with cabins in the woods. If you’re not from here, Montanan’s have a love affair with cabins in the woods.

This particular cabin is located in the Red Lodge area. Their owners contacted us about helping update with a small mountain garden that both kept things feeling…mountain-y but also brought in some of that home garden flavor.

A natural mountain garden for this cabin.

To accomplish that we used:

  1. Colorado Spruce

  2. Feather Reed Grass

  3. Artic Willow

  4. Buffalo Juniper

  5. Aspen

  6. Barberry

  7. Lime mound Spirea

  8. Bleeding Heart

  9. Fall Aster

  10. Walker’s low Catmint

  11. May Night Salvia

  12. Fall Aster

  13. Alpine Current

  14. Canada Red Chokecherry

  15. Showy Mtn Ash

Separated spaces utilizing a variety of rock work.

To help create those spaces and add additional interest we used a combination of Dryland Turf Grass mix, Rainbow Rock, Granite, Autumn Morning Flagstone, Sandstone Treads, Showy Mtn Ash, Deer/Moose Tree fences, Black Aluminum Edging, and some Rain Chains

Red Lodge sits at about 5500′ in elevation so if you have that higher elevation mountain cabin and desire some garden feel, this list is a great start!

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